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start with your blank slate


Start with a

blank slate



blank slate, noun.

  1. the beginning of what’s possible

Pullaro Financial provides financial planning that’s different from what you’ve experienced or heard about. We believe in advice that helps you maximize your ROL, Return on Life, instead of your ROI (return on investment). This starts with a conversation centered around you and your experiences with money.


It all starts with a blank slate. A fresh start to discover new ideas & possibilities. We encourage you to see new alternatives to your spending choices to redefining what retirement should look like for you.

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Does your portfolio reflect your attitudes towards the markets or your money managers?

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What we do

life planning

The process of life planning helps clients embrace a system where money enables their life goals. Conversations center around ways that your finances power your vision.


Working side-by-side with a C.P.A., we proactively develop tax minimizing strategies. Have a question as a business owner or as an individual, we can discuss ways to address your tax liability.


Assisting clients become as tax efficient no matter what stage of life you are in. Sending your kid to college? We can help you with the cost effective ways to make this a reality.

spending decisions

Trouble deciding whether to pay off student loans or contribute to a retirement plan? We can help navigate the options and weigh the trade-offs for getting the most out of you dollar.

retirement planning

What does retirement mean to you? We walk with you through planning for assets to meet you in the next act. We discover how to meet your needs through this next phase of life.

investment management

Are your investments measured by markets or are they matched to your goals? Clients work with us to manage and maintain the greatest return on your life’s vision plan.



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