What has Changed Post-Election

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A chapter of one of the most contentious and negative elections in American history has come to an end. If Florida is an¬†indication of the divide evident in our country, half of you are elated and half are crushed, while we all are feeling a sense of shock. As we gather our bearings, I wanted to offer some thoughts about what exactly has changed and what hasn’t.file-page1


Read back through that list. There are plenty of things that have not changed since yesterday that you have direct control over.

No doubt there will be plenty of potential changes that we require our attention. But just like with the Brexit, there are many unknowns that we are simply guessing at. We don’t know what the income tax code will really look like, or if Dodd-Frank legislation is really on the cutting block, or <fill in your most concerning issue> will really come to be.

But know that we are here to help you for this very reason – to give you the insight you need to make the most of your financial life. Contact us if you want to see an updated Comfort Zone report for your specific plan or we should consider making any changes.

Cheers to your financial life,

Justin Pullaro, Certified Financial Planner, Pullaro Financial


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