Three Things To Know About Money

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Jane Hwangbo, a Forbes and Huff Po contributor, recently wrote about things that should know about money. You can read the entire article HERE, but these were my three take-aways:

Money Always Needs a Goal
By itself, money is worthless and only has value in that it can do for you. Give your money a purpose by making it work for you and what you care most about. Use it to connect to family and friends. Give it to make the lives of others better. But make sure you have articulated a goal for it, or often your grip on it tightens and you go down the path of hoarding it.

Wisdom in Patience
The most important decisions you make involving money are often best made with patience. Whether its a major purchase or an investment, slower is usually the more prudent path to go. Saving your way to financial independence is done in tiny amounts over time. It’s never sexy. But there is wisdom found in the long-term perspective as your get rewarded over time by compound interest.

Money Magnifies You
The beauty of money is the opportunities it can bring. It allows you to provide for the people you love. It allows you to serve the organizations and causes you care about. See the options and potential even the smallest of amounts can have on your life.


Cheers to your financial life,

Justin Pullaro, Certified Financial Planner, Pullaro Financial

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