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Pullaro Financial would like to introduce you to Small Change, our sister company created to help families have better conversations around money. In this monthly section we’ll answer questions we often get about kids and money, and provide some perspective that parents and grandparent can use to take advantage of those teachable money moments.

Money Question: Why should I start talking to my kids/grandkids about money?

We hope to help you develop some big ideas around talking about money in this space. A consistent theme you will see over and over again is that tips and random ideas are not very helpful. You don’t need 3 tips to make a better saver, or the top 10 things Mr. Money Show is doing with his kids. You need just a few big ideas you commit to working in every-day life. Here’s a couple reasons why you need to start now:

  1. It’s the #1 worry of incoming college freshmen
  2. Financial conflict is the #1 reason relationships end
  3. Financial stress is a major inhibitor on health and wellness
  4. Student loans and credit card debt is at an all-time high for young people

The situation our kids and grandkids are growing up is in not encouraging. But the best news is there is something we can all do about it. Start having money conversations as early as age five and get them comfortable around financial topics. Check out our video below, our website, and stay tuned as we answer another money question in our next Big Talks, Small Change.

Cheers to your financial life,

Justin Pullaro, Certified Financial Planner, Pullaro Financial

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