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As of this writing the Tampa Bay area appears to be dodging the worst of Hurricane Irma, but we will still see Category 2 strength in our community with potentially 100+ mph winds. Having lived in Florida my whole life, you never can be too careful with storms like this so I urge you to prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

Hurricane Season is just getting started and we wanted to remind you of a few things about what we do in the event of a serious storm.

Communication is the key

The first priority is to know how to connect with us should you need anything. Assuming there is no power our phone systems will likely not work and you will need to use email or text message. We have several backup batteries to ensure our cell phones and tablets can be charged for extended periods so we can communicate. If you need Justin’s cell phone, simply reply to this email and we’d be happy to ensure you have the correct info. In the event you cannot get ahold of us, you can always reach out to your custodian directly to initiate any requests.

We can work remotely

We are setup to work remotely from phones and tablets in any location and have access to digital copies of all your records via a secure private cloud (not a public cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive). This allows us to stay connected to our custodians to facilitate any transactions you might need. If you haven’t already, consider providing us with copies of your important documents as a backup to something happening.

Being a Floridian means keeping on our toes until the end of Hurricane Season. Know we are committed to serving you through difficult times and will go to great lengths to make sure you have what you need from us — rain or shine.

Cheers to your financial life,

Justin Pullaro, Certified Financial Planner, Pullaro Financial

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