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What has Changed Post-Election

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A chapter of one of the most contentious and negative elections in American history has come to an end. If Florida is an indication of the divide evident in our country, half of you elated and half are crushed, while all are feeling a sense of shock. While we are still trying to gather our bearings I wanted to offer some thoughts about what exactly has changed and what hasn’t. Read on for our post-election thoughts.

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What’s Wrong with the Next Generation?

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A recent survey conducted by USA Today and Bank of America confirmed what many of you know – the next generation is struggling to “Adult” well. From saving for retirement to paying monthly bills, 20s and 30s don’t feel prepared for “real life”.

Read on for how this impacts you and why I am compelled to get involved.

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Fed Stories and Market Worries

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You’ve likely heard of “Don’t fight the Fed.” Well now the latest news-generated axiom is “Fear the Fed”. That’s because last Friday two stories surrounding Fed-speak (supposedly) sparked a sharp decline in the stock market. So with September here, and some worried about a potential interest rate increase, is it time to “fear the Fed?” Read on to find out what this means for you.